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Rules and Regulations

Post  Lilbunnyfufuor on Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:12 pm

Hello everyone. I have created this forum so that people in need of advice can get the help they need. all you have to do is post your story and question. Then I or a moderator will be there to help. Feel free to pivate message me, a moderator, or anyone else you may meet on here.


~no fighting with other members. First offence will result in a warning. Any occurance after that, depending on how severe, may result in termenation of your account. So please, try not to fight.

~DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT make-fun of ANYONE on this forum. Doing this will result in me terminating your account. No warnings, no second chances. This forum is for people who need help and advice, making fun of them is NOT AN OPTION.

~Please refrain from inaproprate posts or responses. If it is a serious issue, then you may post it. If it is not a serious issue, and you are just looking for a few laughs, then I will have to fix the issue and give a warning. If the problem(s) do not improve, or if the problem(s) get worse, the member responsible will have their account removed.

~Be honest. People come to this site to get honest opinions and help with their problems. If you give someone bad advice on purpose, you will recive a warning. If the situation gets worse, the account responcible will be, again, removed.

~Don't be afraid to report a problem. If someone is breaking the rules, tell me. Nothing bad will happen by telling me about anything going on. If someone is bothering you, or someone else, tell me so that I can fix the problem.

~Try to be patient. Sometimes there will only be one moderator on at a time, sometimes none. It could take anywhere from a minute to answer a post, to a day, but NEVER over a day. That is a gaurentee.

~Follow the rules. If you don't, actions will be taken. The actions can vary depending on severity of the situation. If it gets out of hand, there will be conciquences.

Thank you everyone for reading. Happy posting!!!


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